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Sierra Point Yacht Club
500 Sierra Point Parkway · Brisbane, CA 94005-1896
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Sierra Point Yacht Club 2017 Beer Can Races
Treasure Island Race

Sunday August 13, 2017
12:00 - 18:30

Treasure Island Race #2 Amendments to the Sailing Instructions



These Amendments are a supplement to the Beer Can Races 2017 Sailing Instructions only for the running of the Treasure Island Race #2.  The Sailing Instructions shall govern the Treasure Island Race except as specifically modified herein.  These Amendments do not apply to the Beer Can Races held on Tuesday nights.


Amendments are as follows:

Rule 1.4:  Change the words “strongly encouraged” to “required”.

Rule 2.1:  Change the rule to “The race will be held Sunday August 13th, 2017.”

Rule 2.2:  Change second sentence to “Racers will be notified by e-mail (at their e-mail address written on the Racing Registration Form) if the race is cancelled.”

Rule 2.3:  Change to “Class 1, including all yachts with PHRF rating of 160 or above, will start at 1200.”

Rule 2.4:  Change to “Class 2, including all yachts with PHRF rating of 159 or less, will start at 1200.”

Rule 4.1:  Change to “Refer to the “SPYC start/finish area chart” and to Coast Guard charts 18650 “San Francisco Bay, Candlestick Point to Angel Island” and 18651 “San Francisco Bay, Southern Part”.  The course shall begin at the north end of the shipping channel east of Brisbane and shall proceed northward to Treasure Island and pass north of the Treasure Island North Light, then turn south and return to the start/finish area by way of the opposite side of Treasure Island from that which the racer passed while northbound.  The racer may pass Treasure Island in the northbound direction on either the east or west side of the island.”

Rule 4.2:  Change to “The shipping channel #1 and #2 marks shall be the two ends of the starting line, subject to wind conditions at the start of race time.  The exact start procedure and sequence shall be selected at the pre-race meeting noted in part 5.1 of these Amendments.”

Rule 4.3:  Change to “Finish line shall be a line between the E2 mark and the south east corner of the yacht club building.”

Rule 4.4:  Change to “Each boat shall provide the Race Committee with a photograph of the Treasure Island North light taken from a position north of the light when the boat passes the light.  The photo shall be identified as to the boat name and approximate time the photograph was taken.  The photo may be emailed or texted to the race Committee so it is received within 24 hours of the end of the race.  Text and email addresses will be provided at the pre-race meeting in part 5.1.  Boats are required to call the Race Committee on VHF channel 72 or by phone not less than 1 minute before crossing the finish line and again immediately after crossing the finish line.”

Section 5.0 is changed to read as follows:

5.0      The Start

  1. All boat captains shall meet in the Sierra Point Yacht Club building from 1045 to 1100 on the race date to review the Sailing Instructions as amended and specifically to confirm the procedures for the start of the race, including the estimated start time.
  2. A crew member of one of the racing boats shall be designated as the representative of the Race Committee and shall communicate with the fleet on VHF channel 72 to coordinate the start.The representative shall sound one short horn blast as a preparatory signal approximately 1 minute before the start and one long horn blast at the start time and record that time.
  3. Note that a yacht is considered to be “racing” from the time of the preparatory signal and all rules apply from that time onward.


Rule 6.2.1:  Change the words “20 minutes after sunset” to “at 1800”.  The last sentence is eliminated.

Rule 6.2.2 is eliminated.

Rule 8.2:  Change the word “race” to “class”.

Rule 8.3:  Change to read “Race results will be posted in the Club dining room no later than 2000 on the next Tuesday after this race on which a regular Beer Can Race is run Prizes awarded at about 2100.”

Rule 9.0 is eliminated.

The Sunset Table, Addendum A, and “SPYC race marks” chart are eliminated.

End of Amendments.