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Notice of Race


Races will be held each Tuesday beginning on the first Tuesday in May, with the final race at the end of August. Start time for yachts with PHRF 160 or more will be 1800; start time for yachts with PHRF 159 or less will be 1815.

Races will be held in the area between the marked entrance channel to the Brisbane Marina and the marked shipping channel approximately 2.25 n.m. east of the Brisbane Marina.

The rules and scoring of the races and of race series shall be as stated in the Sailing Instructions.  Prizes will be awarded in each race each week, and for each race series.

Sailing Instructions (with course maps) and Registration Form are posted on the Club’s website, .

Entry is open to all monohull sailing yachts meeting NCPHRF rating criteria (  Yachts having a valid Northern California PHRF Certificate shall provide a copy with their entry form.  Yachts with no certificate shall be assigned the rating for their boat type as published in the NCPHRF Base Rating Report, latest edition before the first race.

No entry fee will be charged to members of the Sierra Point Yacht Club.  Non-members shall pay $100 for the complete race season prior to their first race, or may pay $15 for an individual race; the full race season entry fee may be credited to membership fees if the racer joins the Club before the last race.  

Racers may enter by Registering Online or mailing the Registration Form, Certificate if applicable, and payment if applicable, to:
Race Committee Chairman
Sierra Point Yacht Club
500 Sierra Point Parkway
Brisbane, CA 94005-1896.

Registration Form and Certificate may be e-mailed to

Or, complete the Online Registration Form.

A completed and signed Registration Form with Certificate and payment if applicable) must be received in hand by the Race Committee not less than 1 hour prior to the start of a racer’s first race.